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The BoardTECH Advantage

Customer service is the driving force at BoardTECH. As a full service global PCB supplier, we provide 24-hour feedback on quotes. Our sales and engineering teams can facilitate prompt resolution of technical issues and customer concerns.
The BoardTECH engineering and design service team can assist you with PCB design, including full product development. All products are fully warranted against manufacturer defects.
Scheduling flexibility among our affiliated plants in Taiwan, People’s Republic of China, and the United States enables us to offer some of the industry’s shortest lead times for our competitively priced high performance products.
As a global manufacturing, engineering, consulting firm and premier value-added supplier of PCBs, our experience in board design, superior manufacturing, and international distribution will serve you well. We focus on quality. Unlike brokers, who often buy from the lowest cost PCB manufacturer, regardless of quality, we can offer you the advantage of Far East pricing with quality control directly supervised by our on-site engineers.

Professional services offered:

  • Worldwide sales and technical support
  • Complete logistical support of all PCB shipments
  • Freight, shipping and all customs clearance
  • Onsite quality management by BoardTECH engineering
  • Fully warranted to IPC standards
  • Inventory Management and Strategic Partnerships
  • Local warehousing and inventory control capabilities
  • Invoicing on current PCB utilization