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BoardTECH has a wide range of printed circuit boards manufacturing capabilities to support global customers.  Out capabilities support Industrial products computer product, power supply manufacturing companies with heavy copper and aluminum PCB fabrication requirements. Use on Kingboard, ITEQ, Nanya and Shengyi laminates give is maximum flexibility to support our customers. We use standard Tg130 to higher temperature 170Tg and 180Tg laminates in our China based facilities located near Shenzhen.  Our Hong Kong offices employee Engineers to support those factories with quality audits, and source inspection of all printed circuit boards.  Our facilities are all ISO certified and all laminates meet UL and CE approval requirements. With extensive mechanical and Laser drilling capabilities, we can hold very tight tolerances on drilling making us leaders in High Density Interconnect, HDI PCB’s.  Various types of surface finishes are available to our Customers including HAL, Lead Free HAL, ENIG, OSP and immersion silver. DFM and front end design support on all printed circuits boards is our standard. We support all IPC standards.  Our state of the art facilities in Shenzhen offer all volumes of production from quick turn to high volume double sided and multilayer PCB’s. We are UL certified up to 6 oz copper inner layer .

Solder Masking

  • LPI: Liquid Photo – Imageable Solder Mask
  • S/m & C/M Color: Green, Red, Blue, Black, Gold, Clear…
  • Finishes: Gloss, Semi-gloss, Matte
  • Carbon Ink: Black (6-200 ohm)
  • Peelable Ink: Blue
  • Min. Annular Opening: 0.003” (min)
  • Min. Solder Mask Diameter: 0.003” (min)

Materials and Surface Finishing

  • Material Halogen Free High Tg, FR4 CEM-3, Teflon, Ceramic, Polymide, Metal base and   specific materials as requested (For example: Taconic, Nelco, Arlon, Rogers…)
  • Surface finishing HASL, Electroless Gold, Electroless Tin, Electroless Silver, Selective gold plating, Electrolytic gold (Flash Gold). Soft gold, hard gold and Entek (OSP)

Laminate Types and Tgs

  • CEM-3-86 (Tg-125° c)
  • Std. FR4 (Tg-140° c)
  • High Tg FR-4 Laminates (Tg-175° c)
  • Rogers R03003, 3203, 4003, 5870, 5880 (Tg-280° c)
  • GIL MC3D (Tg-140° c)
  • Nelco N4105-6 (Tg-175° c)
  • Nelco BT Epoxy (Tg-180° c)
  • Getek ML200DSS (Tg-127° c)
  • Tacioni CER-10 (ceramic)
  • Polyclad FR370 Turbo (Tg-170° c)
  • Polyclad HR (Tg-180° c)
  • Isola IS410 (High Tg, High Td)
  • ShengYi S1170 (High Tg, High Td)
  • Doosen DS-7409
  • Kingboard (High Tg, High Td)

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Manufacturer of Printed Circuit BoardsMax. layer count  24 layers
  • Min. hole size 0.2mm (8mil)
  • Min. hole tolerance PTH +/- 3 mil, NPTH +/- 2 mil
  • Min Buried/Blind hole size 8 mil
  • Min Lin width/spacing 3 mil / 3 mil
  • Layer to layer registration +/- 2 mil
  • Board thickness range 0.1 mm to 3.2 mm
  • Min SMT SM bridge 0.1 mm (4 mil) 4 oz (max) 0.5oz (min)
  • Max. Active Panel Size 2 Layer 24”x28” Multilayer 22”x26”
  • Copper/Cladding Thickness Inner-layer 6oz (max) 0.5oz (min) outer layer